When, and How, to Get a Visitors Visa for New Zealand

Visitor visas are not required for everyone visiting NZ, only for those who plan to stay less than three months, or six months if you are visiting from the UK. For anyone who is traveling for a more extended stay, visit your local embassy, consulate or their respective websites for more details on the requirements. Here we have outlined, at a high level, the visa process for visitors to NZ.

1) Do You Need to Apply?

As mentioned, the requirements are dependent on how long you’re staying. New Zealand’s government site has a document that will help you determine if you require a visa.

2) Decide How to Apply

If you do need to apply, decide how you would like your application to be made. You have the choice of online, or by printing a form and filling it out. Note that applying online is less costly, and often faster.

3) Determine How Long It Takes and Leave Yourself Enough Time

Visit the website, or call a consulate, to determine how far in advance of your trip you need to submit the application form and supporting documents. The decision time is dependent on many factors, including where you live, how you apply, and the purpose and length of your visit.

4) Gather and Collect All Necessary Documents

The supporting documentation, in addition to a completed application form, includes a round-trip ticket (or the funds to purchase one), proof of good health (medical records), evidence of good character (disclosure of any, and all, criminal convictions or activities in the past), and money to survive on while visiting.

5) ID

Prove your identity by also providing a colour photo for your visa. The requirements for these photos can be found online, be sure to read them thoroughly.

6) Apply

Create your RealMe account and submit the documents required online, or apply in person at your embassy or consulate.