Public Transportation New Zealand

If you are looking to travel throughout New Zealand, without access to a car, here are some options:

National Coach

InterCity is a national coach service that runs throughout the entire country. With affordable bus ticket prices, you can get from city to city without spending too much. The coach company also participates in some bus passes, offering access to even further savings. The buses are comfortable and safe, and a great way to get from point A to point B

Bus Tours

Bus tours are an easy way to experience the best of New Zealand. These tours are great, as the guides are well informed and communicative, and a great idea if you only have a short period of time. They also take the legwork out of seeing some of the country’s biggest, and best, attractions.


The train is not as easy, or convenient, as other methods, nor is it as prevalent, as it is a smaller network, with less frequent services, and a smaller reach than bus or coach. Despite this, it is scenic, and a gorgeous ride if you are up for it, and if the train goes where you need to be!


There are actually 25 airports that service domestic flights in New Zealand. It is a quick option to get where you need to be, and is actually very cost effective, for how fast and efficient it is. If, however, your destination is less than four hours away, it is probably cheaper to drive or bus.

For more detailed information on the above methods, as well as schedules, prices and routes, check out their respective websites or learn more by asking locals to give you a hand. It is relatively simple to get where you need to be, with the many options available to you at any given time, most of which are budget friendly.