People of New Zealand

New Zealand became the melting pot that it is with a history that combines Maori, European, Pacific Island as well as Asian cultures and ethnicities. Today, 69% of those who live in New Zealand are of European descent and 14.6% are Maori, 9.2% Asian and and 6.9% and non Maori Pacific Islanders. Over 75% of the population of New Zealand live in the North Island.

Let’s take a look at who the early settlers were that made the country as unique as it is today:

  • Early Settlers:

These early voyageurs came to New Zealand many centuries ago. The Maori people traveled thousands of miles across the unfamiliar Pacific Ocean while the rest of Europe was concerned about physically falling off of the Earth. This was a brave journey for the Maori to take as they only had ocean canoes. They became the first inhabitants of New Zealand. Since that day, this culture is a core and crucial part of New Zealand’s culture and identity.

  • The pioneers:

The Europeans were the next people to settle in the country and were also brave as they came, cleared the land, which was both time consuming and dangerous task. There was snow, wind and other natural elements that made this task so difficult. Once the land was cleared, they were able to create farms and settlements. Their innovation and entrepreneurship made New Zealand even better. The qualities and ingenuity displayed by these pioneers are part of the businesses, entrepreneurs and overall innovative and forward thinking mindset of the country that remains today.

  • Ingenuity:

Kiwis are notorious for discovering and inventing things, many of which were quite literally backyard ideas. Some of the top innovations that have come out of a kiwi backyard include frozen meat, the Hamilton Jet boat, the bungee jump, electric fences, the fastest motorbike in the world, as well as vacuum pumps.