New Zealand Lottery

Lotteries in New Zealand are different than a lot of other places. People play the lottery for the same reasons as other countries, including to win money and for charitable purposes. The lottery is something that should be played responsibly and those who choose to play should, like with any gambling activity, should know their limits and play within them.

The NZ lotteries commission was established in 1987. The Lotto was the first product of the commission and since there have been several scratch tickets created as well as formal lottery tickets. There are also online casinos and lotteries such as the River Belle App that are regulated by the comission as well.

The lottery in New Zealand dates back as far as 1877 with the Otago Art Society’s Art Union which was used as a way of raising funds from both individuals and organizations. It was created and continued to be used and executed for years after.

Following the Art Union, there was a national lottery that was established in 1933. This national lottery was still known as an Art Union. The prizes were small and, in the very early days, the prizes were gold, not cash. For example, the art union called the Golden Treasure, which was held in 1935 had a £2000 grand prize, with over 11 other smaller prizes to be won and even 400 very small prizes. As lotteries became more popular around the world and the prizes in these national lotteries remained small and somewhat underwhelming, New Zealand residents started illegally purchasing tickets in larger lotteries overseas. The Australian Tattersall lottery was a popular choice among kiwis. Art Union sales started to decline as a result, there was a review of the Second Labour Government in the late 1950’s and then the Golden Kiwi lottery was created.