Choosing Where to Stay in New Zealand

When choosing a city to stay in, when visiting New Zealand, it often comes down to three crucial questions:

  • 1 How Far Is the City from Where I Have Planned Activities?

If you have decided, or determined, what you will be doing when you visit, from hiking to snorkeling, make sure the city you choose to stay in, is close enough that you don’t have to travel for hours to get where you need to be. If you think it will be less expensive to stay farther away, remember to consider the cost of transportation, as well as opportunity costs (i.e. sacrifices you will have to make to travel to and from your accommodation). Choosing a home base is often the preference for travelers in New Zealand, as it allows them to have somewhere central to keep their things, and to go back to, and orient themselves from

  • 2 How Close Are Essential Amenities and Necessities?

An authentic experience does not mean staying in a secluded town. Make sure you choose a city, or town, that has, or is near, the amenities that you need for your trip. This often includes gas, grocery stores, restaurants and sometimes even nightlife, or bars. Before travelling to a town, read the reviews, check the local business listings, and determine what is there, and if it is feasible to stay there. Towns anywhere near Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown, are sure to provide you access to more than just the basics

  • 3 Is It Going to Cost an Arm and a Leg?

Choosing a small town near Auckland would allow you the accessibility of the big city, without the price tag. Read other travellers reviews, and thoughts, as well as using platforms to compare hotel and hostel prices. Try to find something that allows you to still do the other things on your list, and ensure that accommodation does not overtake your budget