Best Online Resources for those planning a trip to NZ

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand but you’re looking for information and places to start your research and the planning process, check out some of these great online resources.

Government and local websites

The New Zealand government’s website allows you to see things like visa requirements, currency, political and economic state, as well as any travel advisories or issues in the country. also is a very comprehensive site that is kept up to date and run by the tourism agencies of the New Zealand government and associated organizations. This means that the information is accurate and factual.

Travel Blogs

For more subjective information and real people’s reviews, insights and opinions, travel blogs are always a great option. They give you exposure to people’s real experiences and allow you to even uncover some best kept secrets and places to avoid. Some great New Zealand travel blogs include:

  • Petra-the global couple.

This couple is from New Zealand, so it’s hard not to call them experts. They have spent their time exploring the beautiful country on foot and in a campervan.

  • Lina-

this blog is great insight into New Zealand as it takes a deep dive into a 5 week treck that included almost every inch of the country.

  • Hannah- Getting Stamped.

This is another story of a campervan adventure. There is 2 weeks worth of campervan stories to be had on this blog. Hannah felt the time she spent wasn’t long enough, which speaks volumes

  • Emma-The Travel Natural.

She grew up in New Zealand and recommends places that may be off the beaten path, such as her home town of Taranki where it is easy to slow down, unwind and appreciate one’s surroundings.

Review Sites

TripAdvisor, Expedia, Kayak and other similar sites also offer great insights into where to go, where to stay and where to eat.