A Giant Squid washed up in New Zealand

Did you know that New Zealand has some of the coolest and most interesting wildlife? From seals to monkeys and everything in between. Scientists, divers, and nature lovers alike actually continue to discover and explore new and unfamiliar species all the time.

Recently, as a matter of fact, a group of divers found a massive, some would say creepy, squid on the shores of a New Zealand beach. Based on the pictures they posted, they were easily half the size of this giant squid.

The squid was discovered on August 25, 2018 when a group of divers were exploring the South coast of Wellington trying to find a nice spot to go spear fishing nearby. Instead of a spot to go spearfishing, they came across a giant, dead, completely intact squid.

The divers went out to dive and when they came back, decided to measure the squid and when they did, they measured it to be 4.2 meters, which is the equivalent to 13 feet long. Upon reporting it to the New Zealand Department of Conservation, the divers likely came across what is known as a Giant Squid, or, by its scientific name Architeuthis dux. This type of squid differs in many ways from the colossal squid.

This has prompted many people’s curiosity in New Zealand, more than ever before, about what lies below the NZ ocean’s surface and it becomes evident that we haven’t come close to discovering all the species that live in and out of the water, especially in the natural wonderland that is New Zealand. There are many groups that work together to continue to preserve, protect and understand these complex ecosystems to keep them safe and ensure that we are not disrupting the natural order of the world and the creatures that live in it.